7 reasons to travel in the pursuit of farming

Written by
Emily Ashworth

22 Oct 2018

22 Oct 2018 • by Emily Ashworth

There are many ways to enter the industry but for some, the best way to learn is via the means of travel. So what are the benefits of going oversees?


They say that travelling is the best way to find yourself and when it comes to farming, methods are vast and varied when you look at it globally.


Whether you’re doing it for fun or to specifically learn about agriculture, you may find out new things about yourself, gain contacts helpful for the future and even realise that you’re actually cut out for a completely different career to what you initially thought.



7 reasons to travel for farming

  • For yourself: Many who decide to up and leave find they discover themselves – true passions and what kind of life and career they want to lead. Travelling gives you a great deal of independence. It is a valuable asset to have.

  • Farming diversity: The world is a big place and so is farming. With each new country comes new farming practices and a chance to see new methods in play. These could then be taken home to your farm or implemented somehow in your future career.

  • People: As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and having contacts from all over the world could be highly beneficial in the future.

  • Friends: When globe-trotting, you can meet people you stay friends with for life. Not only is this just simply a nice thing to happen, you never know what kind of opportunities this may open for you. Many go into business together and bring ideas to the table that could result in a profitable future.

  • Social skills: Working in a variety of different environments will simultaneously allow you to acquire all sorts of different communication skills. You could find leadership is your forte or teaching others is what you really enjoy. Embrace all kinds of working environments to help you find your niche.

  • Travelling in your home country: To travel doesn’t necessarily mean you should go to the other side of the world. Farming varies up and down our very own country. It could be more beneficial to you and your farm to see what businesses closer to home do.

  • The world is beautiful: Waking up to an Australian sunrise or driving along the renowned roads of America, the world is amazing. If nothing, to be involved in different cultures is a privilege in itself and what you will take away is some fantastic memories.


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Me: when I move home I gotta get my life together & start my professional career
Also me: but maybe I wanna spend a summer farming in Canada