Careers Special: Moy Park launches agricultural academy

05 May 2021

05 May 2021

A new learning and development programme aimed at upskilling colleagues across its Great Britain and Northern Ireland agricultural team, and wider business, has been launched by Moy Park.

The ‘Agricultural Academy’ is hoped to bolster participants’ understanding of the wider agri-food industry through workshop-based learning and training seminars, which will be delivered by Moy Park’s managers and mentors, as well as external providers.

Management development opportunities will also be provided, with a focus on innovation and research, bird performance and animal welfare.

It is the latest of Moy Park’s ‘academies’ and will combine its poultry expertise and technical knowledge programmes.

Commenting on the launch, David Gibson, director of agriculture at Moy Park, said: “Upholding the highest standard of animal welfare is the foundation on which our business is built.

“Our Agricultural Academy will enhance the knowledge and practical skills of our agri colleagues and provide them with long-term support to grow and progress within the business, and in the process, deliver real change and improved performance for Moy Park.

“The academy exposes people to the diversity of growing chicken, what role science and technology plays and also what part we as individuals can play through enhanced management and best practices on-farm.

“Each component of this blended learning programme will ultimately underpin our overarching aim of welfare as a condition.”