Laboratory Sorting Technician

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Main Purpose of Role:

Operation of production flow cytometry sorters, media preparation, semen assessment, processing and freezing. Record keeping and basic maintenance of production lab and flow cytometry equipment.

Key Responsibilities:

• At all times fully comply with CBL H&S directives, CBL Lab SOPs and policies to allow good laboratory practice and full compliance with the Regulations and Industry Standards.

• Operate autonomously though the different operations under his/her responsibility, respecting CBL lab SOPs, sexed production planning and CBL lab production standards (details on following points below).

•Ensure the CBL lab GxP on the flow cytometers operation and the sorting lab working area are observed and maintained.

• Ensure the CBL Lab GxP on media preparation, processing of semen samples and the working area are observed and maintained.

• Perform and act on the different controls during the sort and the sorters operation, media preparation, processing of semen samples and correct/report any deviation to the line manager

• Maintain the workflow, manage the tasks and take care of the instruments, equipment and tools linked to the role.

• Effective collaboration with the rest of the lab team sharing knowledge and supporting colleagues to ensure the department maximises production and meets the business aims.

• Complete other duties as required from time to time.

All role profiles must have the following responsibilities:

- To continuously develop and improve

- To comply with Company policy and best practise in security, legal and regulatory compliance

- To ensure that all H&S responsibilities are fulfilled and that the team's (including the role holder), visitors and contractors safety and welfare is maintained

Essential Skills and Attributes:

This role requires a high level of competency and technical capability with laboratory equipment and flow cytometry sorters. The individual must have had previous experience of flow cytometry or be able to demonstrate the ability to understand key semen sorting factors. They must have previous experience with sperm and AI biology or a biological aptitude and enjoy a commercial production environment. They will be required to work to high personal standards and accuracy, with good trouble-shooting and problem solving aptitudes, be methodical and organised and confident with IT interfaces and systems. Work well within a team but be willing to work autonomously and take individual responsibility.

The following are the Cogent Attributes that are applicable to everyone and should be in every role profile:

- Offers excellent customer service by being honest, building trust and going above and beyond the normal routine when required, in order to give the customer what they need.

- Leads themselves by taking responsibility, being positive and tackling challenges with enthusiasm

- Works well with others by building positive relationships, working with integrity, being direct and straightforward whilst respecting and considering others

- Works well in teams by building team spirit, delivering team goals and being flexible

- Manages Knowledge by researching new idea ideas and capturing new learning

- Shares Knowledge by communicating with focus, simplicity and clarity and is able to differentiate fact from opinion

- Adapts to Change by being able to deal with uncertainty and accepting new ideas

- Plans and Organises well, by prioritising their activities and managing their time

- Applies their Expertise and Skills by keeping up to date with their specialist knowledge and demonstrating business and financial awareness

- Delivers Results to a high standard whilst meeting financial targets and deadlines.

Sorting and processing metrics:

- Production per sort head and sorter downtime.

- Production purity scores and QC.

- Microbiology control of media, processed sample, equipment and laboratory environment.

- Sample recovery and expected/produced ratio.

CBL lab and production metrics:

- Sexed production.

- Workflow and process controls.

- CBL lab team goals and targets.

- Integration and communication processes.

- CBL lab data and reports.

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