Dairy Herdsperson

Dairy Herdsperson
Responsible to: Farm Manager / Dairy Herd Manager
Status: Full time

Purpose of the job: Work effectively to implement the dairy strategy and take responsibility for the day-to-day milk production and the health and welfare of all animals in milk production. To undertake day-to-day livestock tasks with the overall aim of assisting the Farm Manager to optimise the performance of the farm. The role also supports the farm and academic teams in providing effective provision of student education and training to provide a quality learner experience.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities of your Job Role

  • Assist the Herd Manager with the daily management of the Dairy Herd and Estate.
  • Working as a part of a wider team deliver the overall strategy as directed by the Herd Manger and Farm Manager
  • Ensure that all aspects of your role as herdsperson are tailored not only to health and welfare of the herd, but also to actively encourage learner participation and that all information and assistance is passed willingly.
  • Ensure, by following planned procedure that the dairy is equipped for and is delivering the required level of knowledge transfer to the students and is meeting current curriculum requirements.
  • To maintain milking equipment and infrastructure to the highest possible standards.
  • Lead the day to day management of both the robotic and manual milk production strategies, which may include but not restricted to:
    • Milk hygiene
    • Group allocations
    • Veterinary treatments
    • Foot trimming
    • AI and heat detection
    • Maintenance of the milk production and storage areas including hygiene
    • Compliance with all legislative requirements
    • Compliance with all Red Tractor and Arla regulations
  • Work to targets and KPIs set out at farm management meetings and/or by the Farm/Hard Manager, these may include but not restricted to:
    • Milk production and quality
    • Lameness management and recovery
    • Animal health and welfare
    • Learner feedback
    • In calf rate and fertility
    • Financial KPIs
    • Learner feedback
    • DLWG
    • Calf mortality
  • Play an active role in weekly management meetings and report on your areas weekly progress and week ahead forecasted tasks.
  • Work closely with the Farm and Herd Manager on the implementation of the youngstock rearing strategy including but not limited to:
    • Calf feeding, rearing and management.
    • DLWG
    • Monitor and record incidence of calf health.
    • Disbudding
    • All youngstock KPIs are meet, as set out by the Farm Manager and the Herd Manager
    • The administration of Veterinary Medicines, Vaccinations and antibiotics
    • Rearing of beef stock
    • Sales and marketing strategies
    • Maintenance of the youngstock and weighing areas including hygiene
    • Compliance with food standards and Arla ‘Every calf’ policy
  • Undertake other dairy/farm duties as and when required.
  • Undertake the full range of herd management and herd health duties.
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of animal welfare and best practise.
  • Maintain all necessary herd records.
  • Ensure that all duties are carried out in a timely and professional manner.
  • Make significant contributions towards the achievement of excellent technical results which raise the profile of the College within the dairy industry and adds to the learning of our students.

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